Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Wheels Keep on Turning . . .

8 Things You Can Do During Cycles of Change
Travel light. Clean out those closets--physically and emotionally! Do you really want to carry all of that "stuff" with you on the next part of your journey? Lighten your load!

Get organized. Set new goals or revisit old ones. Finally, put those photos in albums; write thank-you notes to your friends; start planning your next great travel adventure; update your household budget and savings plan. You'll be glad you did when your new cycle begins.

Explore your spiritual side. Make prayers of gratitude not worry. Develop a meditation practice. You don't have to sit in an ashram to connect with your spirit. There are lots of fantastic guided meditation cds out there. Start small--commit to 10 minutes of mind-clearing meditation a day for 30 days. Your life and outlook will improve dramatically.

Surround yourself with positive people. While you may not be able to weed out every Negative Nelly in your life, you can be selective about what you give your energy to and what you share with others about your personal issues and plans. It can't be stressed enough: what we give our attention to expands. Choose positive thoughts and ideas for moving forward with your life.

Get inspired! Books of triumph over struggle abound. Do some research, make a list of books that interest you and get busy reading. The inspired mind is a playground for creativity.

Help humanity. Ask yourself: How may I serve? There's no better way to get out of yourself than to give to someone or something else. Connect with volunteer work that ignites your passions.

Expand your mind! Take a class, join a group or develop a new hobby. A busy, focused mind has little time for obsessive worry.

Get physical. Start a new exercise program and commit to healthier eating. Everything brings energy to your life--for better or worse. Take good care, for how you treat yourself will set the stage for how you allow others to treat you. And it's a known fact: exercise causes your body to release those "feel good" chemicals that do wonders for a weary mind. So get moving!

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