Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Face of Love

No one will put me in a cage, if so,
 I never will sing again...
Love without Freedom, isn’t love...
~Jose Araujo, Brazilian Writer
He grew quiet when I told him I was leaving the city. “Peaks and valleys inspire me,” I explained, contemplating life at 9,000 feet.
“I need to B-R-E-A-T-H-E . . .”
It would be a big change, for sure—mountain living—solitary; snowy; cold; with hardships I had yet to consider. I would leave behind a city that engaged me; people I loved. But in my soul lay waiting the masterpiece of my life, wanting expression. It was time for me to fly.
He helped me pack my things and move cross-country. And though he wanted me to stay, he never questioned my decision to leave; he didn’t push his own agenda. Instead, he looked for ways to help, filling the time with laughter and light while celebrating my choice; delighting in my new adventure all the way to the top.
And, here, on this mountain, with nature as my muse, I found my breathing space . . . where dreams fuel my creativity . . . and ideas manifest in a stream of consciousness . . . stretching my creative muscles beyond the imaginable. For it has been said that “it is only alone, truly alone that one bursts apart, springs forth.”
Here, I’ve learned grace under pressure as I tend the garden of my mind. I’ve learned that passion—great passion—gives us the strength to endure as we move forward on our path. And that just one moment can change everything—for good or ill. So I nourish myself with great people, places, things and ideas; I safeguard the energy of my life. And when my heart whispers its greatest desires, I’ve learned to listen . . . and watch . . . as the universe conspires to guide me. Even when I can’t see the road ahead, I dig deep to find the courage to face the truth; knowing that when I believe in myself, anything is possible.
He calls me every now and then, laughing through the phone. If I don’t answer, he worries that I’ve been eaten by a bear. “Sweetie-darling,” he teases in his charming, genteel way, “You are a woman and a half, living on that mountain with the lions and the bears.” Those moments of connection inspire me, when our spirits come together and move apart, in and out, again and again in continuous movement, like breath itself.
And though our lives are very different now—he, me, we—I’ve learned that when held loosely, love never dies; it simply changes form. “Every beginning, after all, is nothing but a sequel, and the book of events is always open in the middle” (~W. Szymborska)
I’ve only just begun to understand what I’m made of, but this much I know is true: Freedom is the face of love.
By Melissa Johnson


Jose Araujo said...
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Jose Araujo said...

Dear Melissa, You make me feel so happy with Your kind coment at my Blog. I can`t explain, but when I read all that You have writed, tears were falling down my face. You have touched my heart my dear friend. Reading Your post, The Face of Love, I feel that when we talk about love, we are twin souls. My english is not so good when I try to write, but I can understand all the words and the meaning of then, and every word in Your text,was like as I was listening to then. We think alike about love and freedon. No one can be happy with someone if try to change the way of being of the other, much less if try to put the heart of this person in a cage. Realy, Youre are right...Freedom is the face of love!

There are one more thing that I need to say to You my friend:
our friendship is filing my heart with joy.

Tanks for post my name as a writer of "No one will put me in a cage, if so, I never will sing again...
Love without Freedom, isn’t love"

Your attention and kindness make me very happy my Dear!

Congratulations for Your beautiful post that says all that I would like to say.

You are a precious jewel in the literary world of love and kindness!

Think of one thing my friend, coincidence or not, I`m a manager in a Lawyer Socieity here in Brazil, and I think that in some place, perhaps in the stars, was writed by God that we will meet in the pats of life.

With love and true friendship,

Jose Araujo Your new brazilian friend

Ben S. said...

Your thoughts about love are right-on. I've dated girls that are so needy and cling and put all their expectations on me. Too much pressure. Doesn't feel like love to me. Other girls have been so independent that I feel like they don't need me at all. The best I've had are when the woman is happy and shows me love and support, but she has her own life and I know that she won't fall apart if I go out with the guys or taking a rafting trip without her.
Thanks for the reminder!