Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancing Through Eternity

Everyone has been made for some particular work
and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

In the Silence of Purpose ~ Majestic Redwoods

Did you know that redwood trees connect with purpose? Call me crazy, but I swear it’s true. I saw it with my own eyes while on a guided hike through the redwood forests of Big Sur, California. “Amazing” doesn’t even come close to describing this scene.

There he was—an 800+ year-old tree on the edge of a steep embankment in the forest. You could see where his age, weight and precarious position so close to the edge had caused his massive root structure to begin separating from the earth as the soil eroded beneath him. He had been on the verge of uprooting entirely, which would have caused him to plummet to his death in the ravine below, until his Lady Redwood stepped in.

Being about 200+ years his junior, she had youth and strength on her side and solid ground beneath her trunk, so she leaned toward Sir Redwood, excreted a sappy substance to aid her in melding her trunk to his, and then leaned back, pulling him upright and saving him from death, forever binding them together.

Now I didn’t actually see this merger take place in real time, but I saw the lasting effects of the commitment created by their common purpose. And there nestled between them was their love child—Baby Redwood, a mere youngster at approximately 150 years old.

And I thought:  If the redwoods connect with purpose, shouldn’t we?

We are here on purpose.
So, too, are the people and events in our lives.
They are here for our learning and growth...
and they teach us of the qualities of our soul.

All of our connections bring something to our lives—for good or ill.  Some enhance us; others distract us as we spin around in the muck, confused by our mindless living.  Yet even those that distract and confuse help us learn something about ourselves.

The longer I live the more I understand the importance of clarity and purpose—opening our hearts and minds to the greater truth of why we’re here, whatever that means for us individually—so that we may form more conscious connections that support us on our path.  In so doing, we bring greater depth, meaning and purpose to our lives.  And in this we honor Life itself.

So as you move through the world, ask yourself:

1.  Why am I here? What unique thread am I here to weave into the tapestry of Life?

2.  Am I living with purpose? What can I do to become more conscious in my connections?

3.  Do my personal relationships honor my greatest Truth? Do they support my path or drain my precious energy and distract me from my true purpose? How can I be more discerning?

4.  With respect to that difficult or challenging connection with “X”, how may I begin to view this relationship through the lens of purpose?


Flora said...

Hi, Melissa. I LOVE this story and it's application. You did a good job of pulling it all together. I love it. Just enough to keep my interest and get me thinking, Love you, MOM

JJ said...

Well, my brother talks about making decisions as "being at peace" with something. Sometimes he'll say, "I just can't get peace over it." I love that. He's not just talking. That's how he lives. He's not shy about asking me. Very spiritual.

Being in the right place intended by our Creator makes me feel peaceful - light - and like I'm useful. Sometimes I lose that sense and feel out of balance or like I need to stretch in an area where I'm lazy or fearful. Ugh. Sometimes I'm growing and holding others up and sometimes I feel like a vine, heavy leaning and wrapping around the truly strong ones around me. I lean on the Lord a lot, though. I'm not a role model Christian by anyone's standard, certainly not by mine, but the Spirit of God is so gentle with me like I do not deserve and you wouldn't believe how many times I get that whisper in my ear - a gentle nudge - that has SAVED MY HIDE!!!!!!!! I feel like I just sit around all day during work thanking God for this, for that - now for THIS, and WOW - THAT! It's incredible how BIG GOD is. Anyway, loved the musing.