Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eat Your Peas: Simple Truths & Happy Insights

Eat Your Peas for Mothers

“Like the loving stitches of a quilt
you connect us to what matters.  Each other.
Our stories.  The heart of who we are.”
~ Cheryl Karpen

Years ago, my mother gave me a serving of peas.  Not the edible kind, but the inspirational kind printed on business-card-sized stock, with a stylish desk-top card display to serve-up these peas of wisdom. 

You are

it reminds me every time I sit down at my desk.   

And now there’s a serving of peas for Mom too!  Eat Your Peas for Mom is the newest in a series of books filled with simple truths and happy insights to nourish mind, heart and spirit.  In this 3-minute read, author Cheryl Karpen captures the unconditional essence of a mother’s love and offers a gift of gratitude from you to her in return.  It's the perfect little gift book for Mother's Day and a forever reminder of your love.

To learn more about Eat Your Peas for Mom and other titles, visit http://www.eatyourpeas.com/website/shoponline.htm.

Don't forget to eat your peas! 

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